Challenge for Ewgeco Ltd

Ewgeco Ltd was founded by Tanya Ewing who had an innovative idea for an energy meter that incorporated an easy to understand indicator of energy consumption within the home. However, in order to turn this innovative idea into reality Tanya required specialist knowledge and support.

Ewgeco Ltd
The Solution: 

By working with Edinburgh Napier University’s Institute for Product Design and Manufacture, Tanya was able to develop the first demonstrator prototype of the Ewgeco meter’s visual display unit and complete her requirement specification, forming the basis of her product design and patent application. The Institute provided technical support and advice enabling Tanya to identify the right product development and manufacturing partner to meet her exact requirements.

Tanya was also able to access funding to investigate the development of remote sensing of gas and liquids that would enable the Ewgeco device to be retrofitted to homes and business throughout the UK.

The Results: 

As a result of the project, Tanya was able to reduce risk, cost and time to market. The Ewgeco product is now being sold to both corporate and public sector clients nationally and a less expensive version, designed for the mass market, is in the pipeline.

Along the way Tanya’s achievements have resulted in numerous awards including:

  • British Female Inventor of the Year
  • Top 15 Inventions of the last Decade – selected by the British Library


The Institute helped formulate my idea into a product concept and produce the first prototype device. They have been assisting us ever since.

Tanya Ewing

CEO, Ewgeco