Challenge for Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT) Ltd.

 Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT) Ltd specialises in the production of machines that use microwave technology to thermally process fluids on a continuous basis. Their technology offers distinct advantages over traditional cooking methods used in the food industry. Having previously worked solely in the abattoir sector and recognising the potential application of the technology to the food and drink sector, AMT Ltd wanted to realise the potential of diversifying into this sector but required the specialist expertise to achieve this goal.

The Solution: 

 By working with Queen Margaret University, AMT Ltd has been able to access academic expertise in Dietetics, Nutritional and Biological Sciences within the University, enabling them to identify and explore potential opportunities to fully utilise its technology.

The Results: 

As a result of the project with Queen Margaret University, AMT Ltd has been able to:

  • Identify ways to use its technology, utilising its time and energy advantages, to revolutionise the thermal processing of liquids
  • Access funding for feasibility studies
  • Gain significant collaborative interest from other organisations.

We chose to work with Queen Margaret University because of their expertise in food and nutrition, their excellent facilities and their interest in what we are doing.

Dr Sue Gordon

Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd